Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Things You Do.....

We had our family photo session this past Saturday. It was okay. It was way more exhausting than I envisioned it to be with three kids, namely two that can't walk and one that enjoys eating grass, leaves and sticks. Also possibly exhausting because I ran 12 miles Saturday morning. Take your pick. I tried to chalk this up to #1 as an adventure. We were going to a cool place to play and let a nice lady take our picture. Enter a generally uncooperative #1 and she may or may not be in pictures. Photoshop is most definitely this photographers best friend. If she's not photo shopping #1 into the actual picture then she is spending hours editing the leaves and moss from Hadley's mouth in every.single.picture. We will always remember this Christmas card as the year we sweat our asses off in winter clothing while it was currently 86 degrees in North Georgia. In October. I didn't expect it to be 50 but I could have stood  some weather in the 70's with a nice fall breeze. I also laid down in the woods. (Was that the correct form of laid or did I make this creepy?) In the Single Gal's brand new J.Crew sweater she just bought. As in, I took the tags off of it before I wore it. Thank God nothing got on it that didn't brush off. Some out takes from our sweat session. 

11 months old today by the way!

Playing in the creek afterwards
Checking out the cows

Guess what I will be doing this Wednesday? 
My dear friend and I are taking our girls to see this. My friend did it last year and said her daughter loved it. #1 will be receiving a birthday present early, her Rapunzel princess dress, and we will be heading down to Phillips Arena. Lord help me, I hope the screaming is less than when I went to Barnes and Noble for a Stephanie Meyer book signing during the rage that was Twilight. I still love Twilight.....just not screaming teenagers. 

And now I have the rest of this week to have anxiety about #1's birthday party this Saturday. 

The Housewife

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