Monday, October 14, 2013

I Couldn't Have Said It Better

My husband sent me a blog link this week. You may have already read it, but if you have not read Matt Walsh's Blog Post  on Stay At Home Mom's you should. It's an interesting perspective. One I find most people don't take. He wrote on his Facebook page that some people claimed it to be very "controversial" and he didn't understand why.

There are many moms who cannot stay home, specifically for financial reasons. I'm not going to criticize a woman's choice for choosing to go back to work. However, he makes a great point. Yes, I may have to sit and play blocks or read the same book to #1 and her pretend puppies she says are sitting next to her 10 times. There is always something to do. Somewhere we need to be. I can't leave my "desk" at 5. I don't have a lunch break. I don't get sick days and I don't get vacation. Granted, my husband does let me have some getaways. Those require very strategic planning and sitter scheduling if he has to work on a day I'm gone.

Americans are "granted" probably the shortest amount of maternity leave, 6-12 weeks. In other countries women are given a year to stay home with their child without fear of losing their job. Now, all of that might not be paid or paid at 100 percent salary. I'm no international HR. Why do other countries have such great vacation time? Three months? Taking off a month or 6 weeks at a time? Unheard of here......unless you have a baby. I used to rarely even take an entire week off when I worked claims. It just wasn't worth the two weeks of stress when you got back to catch up and listen to people stop yelling at you, because heaven forbid, you took vacation.  You're a claims adjuster. You should work from 7-7 and on weekends because these people have been "greatly inconvenienced" by a bumper that needs replacement.

The choice is not easy either way. Work or Stay home? Stay home. Work?

Anyway, read the blog. As I said, he says it better.

The Housewife

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