Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Obsessions: Manicures

While we were visiting Little A she introduced me to her Red Carpet Manicure Gel kit. It's super awesome. Y'all know I love a good manicure as much as a Kardashian. This process does take a little extra time but the pros are that it is dry immediately once you are done curing your top coat and it stays on for up to three weeks. Little A got her kit on a Black Friday special for an excellent price but Ulta sells these as well and you can always use a 20% percent off coupon for your purchase to help with the cost. I've never gotten a gel manicure at a salon before but this little gadget may be mine soon. I'll just have to do my nails at 10 pm when everyone is asleep.


This gives you a better idea of the process. The Red Carpet Ready color is what I have on and it's quite lovely. I'd love to pick up Thank You Thank You to ride out the remainder of winter before we can get into some spring colors. If I actually had this kit I mean. I believe the website says they have 59 colors to choose from and you can get them at Target too.

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