Thursday, February 21, 2013

Some Days...

There are some days when I just want to come home, walk the dog, curl up on the couch and read my book at night.  Wait -- I want to do that most days.  And most days when I wake up I just want some peace and quiet.  Coffee with Hogan or another loved one,  my book, some flowers, maybe some Squawk Box quietly in the background.   

But most days are a lot more hectic than the ideal.  Most days are filled with long "To Do" lists at work.  Another long "To Do" list for the hours after work.  Gym trips.  Meals that need to be planned.  Schedules that need to be kept and maintained.  Budgets.  Taxes.  Dog walks.  Laundry.  Dishes that need to be washed.  Groceries.  I could go on.  

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm really ready for the weekend.  And, while I can't move into retirement any time soon, I guess the bright side of all the regular days is how much they remind you to treasure what little time off you have each weekend.  A friend of mine asked me if I could see Friday yet while I was at work this morning -- I couldn't. But now I do.  Or I will after I finish the laundry.  

And after all my Thursday griping...I hope to wake up tomorrow and feel this way {because who the hell doesn't love The Cure and Friday for that matter?}

Love you. Mean it. 

~the single gal~

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