Friday, February 1, 2013

GOAB: Flower Necklaces

As I was ogling my larger than normal paycheck today and resisting the urge to shop I was thinking of all the great blogs I read that do Splurge v. Save options or their own "Girl On A Budget" features.  And as a Single Gal I really should be on the lookout for budget friendly items so why not share with everyone. 

Big surprise -- I am out there with probably everyone else drooling over a lot of the spring jewelry from JCrew.  Especially flower necklaces.  You know, because I don't have enough necklaces.  And surely my 14 year old car will just magically last forever. 


JCrew Crystal Circle Necklace $135.00

JCrew Flower Lattice Necklace $228.00


Forever 21 Rhinstoned Rosette Necklace $15.80
Forever 21 Bejewled Flower Collar Necklace $24.80

Obviously they aren't exactly the same...but could probably get the same look, right? What do you think? 

Love you. Mean it. 

~the single gal~

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