Monday, February 4, 2013

Long Weekend

Happy Monday, everyone! I am finally coming to you from a place of happy {and rested}.   After working so much in January I took a long weekend and had plans of going to Savannah with Em to visit Little A and have an all out girls weekend.  Earlier last week we had some frantic texting from The Housewife stating she arranged childcare for #1, talked to the Turtle and was all set to party crash if she could bring the minis.  We obviously said yes and added 3 more to the party.  

We left Saturday morning with The Housewife's minivan loaded down with stuff and our two extra girls to head down to Savannah.  The minis were sweet angels and slept dutifully on the road and we had tons of time for serious discussions and also tons of laughing/being ridiculous.  It was much needed for all of us I think! 

This was a really special trip because it has been a while since the four of us all got together for a full weekend -- I think it hasn't been since before Little A got married last June {completely shameful}.   Also special -- we were able to go stay with Little A and her husband in their new home!  We lugged all of our crap in her house and spent the afternoon catching up, drinking wine, holding babies, and grabbing some pizza for dinner.  Little A is an incredible hostess and we wanted for nothing while we were there.  We tried a fairly new place in Savannah for early brunch called The Five Spot and really enjoyed our meal. I linked up their menus and have some pics I found online below. They also do lunch/dinner/drinks.

How cute is this place?

Since we had the minis we were obvs not staying for mimosas -- but problem solved because if anyone knows mimosas it's Little A and she was already prepped and ready for us to have unlimited at her place.  And truly that's what we did. Like, all the way up through the Super Bowl.  By the way -- how disappointing were most of the commercials? And how awesome was Beyonc e? And how many of you couldn't stay up to finish watching it because you drank unlimited mimosas all day? 

We sadly got up this morning and had to hit the road again to head back to reality but it was so, so, fun and good for the soul.  I love my friends {and The Housewife}. 

I promise to get back to regular blogging for February and get some real life updates to you.  For serious.  

Love you. Mean it. 

~the single gal~

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