Friday, February 15, 2013

Time Management

Time management is really a big joke around here at The Housewife case. Sure, I obviously have some because we are never late for preschool, I have managed to make it to the gym (I have to make infant they are eating at a fancy restaurant or something.), and have almost completed the class project for #1's preschool class. Now, the project is a few weeks late but I can explain. I sound like I Love Lucy.........Luuuccccyyyyy! I run on survival mode 24/7. My mind is constantly 40 steps ahead of where I am in order to get us to whatever the next step of the day is and stay on track for the next 40 billion.

Ok, class project. No one would commit to this so of course I feel bad and even though in September I'm obviously super preg and heading towards whale status....I agree. Well then I realized that the "project" is really for the school's Spring Auction. Great. What the hell do people do for these things?  Massive google search commences as the email comes out project ideas are due in a week and must be approved. Shit, I'm back at work again and in a twilight zone. Fine. On the list people are doing these finger-print vases etc. Well, I don't want to do the same old thing everyone else is doing so I come up with the idea I can do a small quilt on it with a church and balloons coming out of it like the movie UP. Gets approved. I beg my mother-in-law to help because I know jack about making a quilt. Long story short I couldn't quite get the balloons to work (just needed more time to figure out the strings) but did get some clouds done and a rail fence pattern on outside. It actually turned out really well; I just got it back from the quilter.

Another reason I'm a crazy lady right now is we decided to put our house on the market to see what happened. Well, it showed like gangbusters. I'm hauling all of the kids to any place I can for hours at a time. We would get one showing for the day and the it was like a snowball effect and a good number of days it would show three times in a day. #1 apparently learned how to lock doors. I figured that out when I ran my diaper bag and an armload of things to my van in The Single Gal's driveway for 20 seconds and came back to the door, which was locked. #1 thought this was pretty funny. After much pleading on my part and many giggles on hers I ran to some random construction workers and begged in my best Spanglish to borrow a phone to call the Single Gal and leave her a message that she needed to come back right away or I would have to call 911. That's right, I didn't even have my cell. Then, #1 basically busts out of the garage looking for me. I knew she knew what she was doing. Guess it wasn't so fun when she thought she was alone. Long story short, we got a contract yesterday.  So fingers crossed everything goes through.

I am doing my best to find time to blog but it's hard. I'm very Jessie Spano these days....There's no time!!! I have been working out at Crossfit and running some since I can go back to my regular gym. I'm starting to go twice a day sometimes. We will see if anything helps my wrecked body. I'll try to upload the video of #3 giggling.

The Housewife

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