Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crazy Busy Week And That Time Monday Kicked the Shit Out of Me.

Only Tuesday?!  I know y'all have seen my August complaints but even though the end includes vacation time there are way too many things written down in my planner this month. These would be fine but I am dealing with other nuances in life that are really beating me down.  I have accepted that work is stressful and I  trying to work really hard this week to make sure I don't work myself into another migraine. Also, serious sinus issues and my ears are hurting so I am doped up on Sudafed. My car had been doing this lovely thing where it won't start when it's super hot outside. Took it to the shop the other week and they "couldn't find anything".  Of course the car wouldn't start on my lunch break. Missed the gym. Hair appointment tomorrow, dinner with my parents this week and my dear friend is getting married this weekend and I have a lot to help her with so I can't be dragged down by the Honda. Never mind trying to get work done early on Friday to make the bridal luncheon, getting the dogs to 3 Putt's and maintaining my sanity. I also may have been slightly hungover Monday due to my white-girl-dinner of two glasses of chard and a froyo Sunday night.  It did not help my rage.

I was so pissed yesterday! I always have such high hopes for Monday after my weekends that are full of fun and people I love.  Trying to regroup today. But here is a bit of what the rest of my night looked like. 

A big salad. Tervis. Trying to calm the heck down once I got home. 

Oh, hey there PB. You heal a multitude of evils. You are always, always there for me. 

Drugs and ink pens. Part of my work rage is the pens they give us that don't work all that well. So I'm taking charge of things starting with office supplies. 

I also soothed myself with some spray painting. Sad story - I need another can to finish the job. But I didn't feel like risking another moment with my car acting foolish.

How is your week? 

-the single gal- 

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