Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I'd Rather Be Doing...

Vacation is SO close yet SO far away! I'm squeezing in much needed gym time in a desperate move to semi-firm some things up before I got lay on my butt in the sun while slurping frozen cocktails all day.  

Every day at work this week I've had a killer urge to be doing the following rather than call customers: 

-major Kindle update/download. Books on my radar - "Eleanor & Park", "The Firebird", and finishing "The Night Circus". 

-what do I pack??!! what should I wear on the plane? 

-squeeze my fur babies before I leave them and also make sure my mother doesn't flake on watching Hogan. 

-mani/pedi -- I have to fit this in the schedule. 

-clean the house before I leave. 

-seriously though, I have a ton of work to finish before Wednesday next week. Need to do that. 

-blog stuff??? 

At the end of the day I am happy to have paid in full for my vacation all before I have even left! It will truly be relaxing and stress free. Work is getting better and I'm really happy to report that as well. The car is fixed. Things are looking up, August. Maybe we can be friends again. 

-the single gal- 

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