Thursday, August 29, 2013

The SECOND First Day of Preschool

Drum roll please. I hate to admit that finishing this dress was still a scramble up until an hour before we needed to leave, but it is what it is, right? Namely, I had to make three attempts to sew the second button on due to several random thread tangling episodes. I'm just THAT good. Ughhhhh!

The other thing I'm really good at? Deleting pictures off my fancy camera. For some reason I still had all the pictures from last years beach trip on the camera and tons between the Holidays/Moving/etc and actually digging out my camera cord to upload them to the computer. So as #1 was playing I was looking at the camera and I had that "aha" moment where I remembered how you delete all images from the camera. Sadly, I had not done the second upload in which the "first day do-over" pictures also got deleted. I am so awesome. Grammie said the dress looked white but it's a green seersucker jumper, it's just hard to tell with the instagram filter I chose. The twins also have matching jumpers but that would require me being able to make a trip to Joann's to get buttons. That should happen Friday when #1 has her first full 3 hours at school.

I have to be honest the start of preschool has really put me in a funk this year. I feel good about certain things-- knowing what the hell the class project is for, #1 is very comfortable and not having any transitional issues, she has several of her old classmates and our room mom is the same awesome one as last year. Bless her! I guess it just signals the start of fall and I am already feeling overwhelmed. Vacation, #1's birthday party in Oct, twins birthday 3 weeks later, pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving, photo for Christmas cards (!?!) just goes on an on. I know, y'all are like it's not even September don't throw us into Christmas card photos yet!! It just feels like so much. Maybe it's because in what we like to call "the twin fog" in this house, the holidays were just going through the motions (we made it, feed the babies, get the babies to sleep, open presents, eat lots of food, etc).

This post is getting me down already. I know y'all will miss the Single Gal since she is the entertaining one. She was able to text me some this morning because she had wi-fi but I stopped because it kept switching from iMessage to text. Did we tell you about the time she was stuck in Europe and how much her phone bill was from calling me distraught? Good story. So we will celebrate that I do terrible chalkboard art but I got the dress finished and the chalkboard done.

**Single Gal, if you're reading I've totally abandoned the laundry, emptying the dishwasher and other things to blog. So there.

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