Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I'm Crushing On

This last nap strike lasted 19 days. #1 slept for almost 4 hours yesterday. Obviously today she is banging around and up to all kinds of non-sense that makes me want to leave only a mattress and a sound machine in her room. Just like a toddler prison. Anyway.....these are some things I've been crushing on lately.

I really love this new Ikea green velvet couch. I can totally see it in my sitting room. With white walls, some black bookshelves like this and a black ceiling. 


This fabric is to die for. I can see myself adding some black fringe to it to give it a little something extra as curtains. Premier Prints Jo Jo Black and White fabric. It's on sale at right now. 


Single Gal posted a picture of some of these Paper Mate Pens which are my absolute favorite. I could smell the back to school supplies when I passed them in Target the other week. Such a rush. 


I don't know why I gravitate towards black and white these days but this girls dress from dot dot smile is so cute. They also carry adorable leggings. I could find a bright cardigan to pair with it.  Pretty sure there is going to be an order from this website soon for some fall clothing. Sorry Turtle. 

Hope y'all gave a great week. I'm just surviving along with the Single Gal. 4 weeks until vacation. So ready for College Football to start back again. 

xoxo- The Housewife

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