Thursday, August 8, 2013

Instagram Dump

The sweetest girl from Twitter who follows me made the girls these precious hats. This photo was prompted by our friend E who said her office was having a "Crazy Hat Day." There are some cute out takes from this photo shoot. 

We are in the pulling up on everything stage. They like looking out the windows. 

This is a demonstration of Single Gal's babysitting at the lake house. 

Here is a glimpse of our 2.5 nano seconds of togetherness time before #1 melts down about her baby sisters. Ignore the tile choices of the previous owners of this house. 

#1 grabbed this hat out of my closet the other morning before we went swimming with some friends. I took her to the pool four times last week. No naps any of those days. Yesterday was day 15 without a nap.......maybe today brings more promise? Doubtful. 

What is all this? Tell them to stop. They are growing up too fast. 

9 months stats: 
Harper- 20 lbs 7 oz  and 27.5 inches long
Hadley- 16 lbs 7 oz  and 26 7/8ths inches long (leading 10 percentile respectively)
although she is 25% in height. boom. 

I think the only thing I've been up to is running #1 to swim lessons, sometimes swimming with some friends, praying for afternoon naps and vacation to be here soon. Turtle said I could go with the girls this weekend to Savannah and while one of our shorter trips it was great girl time. I soaked in just sitting on the beach in the sun and drinking Bud Light Lime because we all know my family beach vacation is simply a "working vacation" with better views and more people to help me. It's still super fun though. Pre-school starts in a few weeks so we've been getting that information in the mail and all the prep that entails. I am trying to sew some dresses for the girls to wear to the beach and just getting them cut to get to my friend for monogramming is proving to be equal to walking on the moon. Sheesh. 

Duty Calls......

xoxo- The Housewife

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