Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Need a Do Over

I should be doing a lot of other things instead of writing this post, but since I'm on the procrastination train might as well continue to the next train station. We had a great weekend. We overcommitted ourselves however, especially on Sunday. I tried to put the twins down for a nap so they would sleep and we would go to the 11am service, then straight to Turtle's cousin's for an afternoon cookout. Then we would leave that cookout, return home to lay the kids down and then go to a cookout to kick off our adult Sunday school and meet some new families at the church. Best.laid.plans.

Here's what really happened. The twins never really slept. We made it to church. Some poor early teen passed out in the middle of the Apostle's Creed which caused an odd ruckus making me think some people were actually having a fist fight in the middle of church. (Talked to the pastor and he seems to be okay....something about not feeling well, Alegra-D and not eating breakfast.). Picked up kids from nursery/Sunday school. #1 swears she does not need to go to the bathroom. Travel 15 minutes down the road and she announces she has tee-teed in her seat. Pull over to check-statement is a fact. Insert parent anger and frustration but there is no point in changing her into dry clothes to sit in the wet car seat. We try to continue to our destination when she says she has pooped. No freaking way Turtle and I are mumbling to ourselves. Pull over again, she has not but says she needs too. Find a Wendy's, change her and waste more time and no poop. Finally arrive at cousins and don't end up getting home until 3. The twins have barely slept in the car, I didn't bring enough food for them,  but hope sleep wins that battle. I leave for the grocery store and received call from Turtle I need to return home. Like immediately. Long story long, the twins didn't sleep and #1 pooped in her room. Yay for Sunday. Went to church at 6, didn't get home until 8.

I told you all that nonsense to explain I should be posting that "Pinterest" worthy picture of #1 from her first day of preschool with the dress that I made her holding this beautiful chalkboard stating it is her first day of preschool. You did see my picture, right? Yeah, the dress is not finished and I haven't attempted the chalkboard. So her "first day" picture can be tomorrow? I know y'all won't tell.

I need more coffee and a shower. Her first day is technically 45 minutes with me and a few other students and parents per planned gradual entry. Let's not even talk about the craft projects I am already behind on sending in for her.

We also have a big secret the Single Gal and I.........we are going to be Aunts in March! The Baby is having a baby. I can't wait to hold that squishy baby and then give him/her back.

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