Friday, August 30, 2013

Scenes from Our Week {housewife edition}

Let it be known that today is a highly celebrated day in our lives because College Football starts this weekend! I am fully prepared with matching Alabama outfits for the little people and picking up a new Southern Tide Alabama t-shirt for Turtle. We will be cheering for the Crimson and White on Saturday as well as catching the Georgia v. Clemson game. The great news is that it doesn't matter because there will be games on

Took everyone to the park on Tuesday and we had a "picnic" which #1 was super excited about.

#1 even made a little friend there that morning and they hugged before she left. 

The twins had their first experience on the swings. They both loved it and if you follow me on IG {housewifeblogr} you can see the video I took of Harper.

Bath time! The twins love it and they can't stand not being in the tub when there is water in it. They cry big tears when you take them out. 

The Housewife

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