Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Five

Housewife checking in before the Single Gal murders me for not blogging. So here we go from my iPad. It's taking my mind off the horrible loss Alabama had last night. Can I just say OU would have been ranked higher if their quarterback had played the entire season? I find it hard to believe Auburn could whip them either. Anyway, big sads over here. Sorry for lack of pictures, I will try to link to everything. 

Y'all know I'm a coffee snob and love my Starbucks but I've found a valant replacement. (Costco brand.)

I haven't read a Young Adult book in awhile, this one was very good. Eleanor doesn't have the best home life and she meets Park on the school bus. Check it out. Thought my heart would break. 

3. Physicians Formula Eye Shadow Pallet in Nude
This is a very appropriate drug store dupe of the Naked pallet. Not as many colors but who needs more than what's in here? I think it was $10?

4. Courtney Loves Dallas
Enough said. Love that girl, lover her show.

5. Valspar Paint Samples from Lowes
Only 2.98 and you can paint samples of paint colors on your walls. So you don't have to be like me and hope after your two walls into painting a room, that your husband doesn't like it either, so he will start all over again. I know, not a new thing.

We are in the process of moving #1 into a new room. We have an empty bedroom that has a bathroom attached to it. It is the largest bedroom, besides the Master, but gives her more room. If she is not going to nap then I can at least set her up better with toys and I won't have to let her out to go to the bathroom.

Y'all have a great weekend. 

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