Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weekend Recap {this one is about all the wine}

Hi there! 3 Putt and I ended up planning a spur of the moment weekend on Friday. It was really fun -- I felt like I was on one long super-date!

We started off Friday night at The Hawks game! We ended up having an exciting last few minutes with a buzzer beater! It didn't end in our favor but I had never actually been there for one before so I really thought it was a bit magical (sorry Hawks!). I was also kind of thrilled because we had not been near the arena since I went to New Kids with the girls in June and I finally got to see our big Ferris wheel in person! 

Date night outfit! American Eagle cord jeggings with JCrew Factory white blouse. I love any combo of white shirt/jeans. Always. 

Ferris wheel insta selfie. It didn't turn out as amazing as I had hoped. But my solo pic of the wheel below was perfect! 

Friday night we decided on fancy dinner but when you wait to make a res in Atlanta you have to eat at the time for a blue plate special or right before bed. We opted for the 5:45 at King + Duke.  I love Ford Fry restaurants and this was our second time there -- so much fun. I jad scallops with fennel and grapefruit slices. Sounded a bit weird at first but I'm glad I tried it because it was delicious and unusual! Also, get the cornbread covered in ham. So good that I placed the leftover case in my Tory Burch bag with no qualms.  Also -- ask for Molly. She was our wonderful server!

Since we took Uber (promo code for $20 in Uber credit through Jan 20 - wpttd) we had a designated driver which meant that we (idiotically) thought we should wander over the the bar at the St. Regis for post dinner drinks (for the record I needed ZERO after dinner wine).  We ended up staying and while and made friends with a couple that frequents one of our fave places in Roswell! I really want Sheri to be my new bestie.  We exchanged numbers.  I texted her. She probably thinks I'm a stalker.  Suffice to say we were out late and I started my night of slumber on 3 Putt's hardwood floor partially sharing Hogan's giant dog bed.  Say no to after dinner wine people! 

We weren't even out late but I had to get out of bed for food at 8 on Sunday. This photo is obviously the gold standard of the I-Had-Too-Much-Wine Breakfast. 

I actually spent Sunday in bed with the dogs catching up on DVR.  Which was nice since I am about two seasons behind on White Collar. 

I figured this was a better post than talking about how cold it is this week! Happy Wednesday! Cheers to moving out of subzero temps! 

-the single gal-

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