Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Great Mystery of the Flat Iron Curl

As you all know I've been a bit tired of my hair lately.  I have gotten a good bit cut off and now I'm trying to update my look a bit.  Mainly because -- hey now it's too short for a good pony tail or bun (super sads).  Is anyone like me and felt like flat iron curls would be a forever mystery?  Seriously -- I was like, "Um that seems really complicated and scary."  Obviously I can curl my hair with a regular iron because I've been up to that since, oh, 7th grade. 

I finally found a decent and cute tutorial from Jaclyn Day's blog.  I liked it because it was funny and actually easy and also useful.  It will definitely take some practice and I probably need to get a flat iron that is a lot nicer than the one I have but I like the look.  Curled but edgier than my barrel iron.  

The tutorial can be found here.  I have attached the image of step one. Just because it was so cute.


Hopefully I turn out like this: 

I'll try to keep you posted via Instagram. But if it's a disaster for the first few weeks I can't make any promises.  

Are any of you having hair issues like me? I can't even get into my problems with static electricity this winter. 

~the single gal~

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