Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Resolve...

I feel like the world is split 50/50 on resolutions.  Some people don't really like them, some do.  I really love them. But I love setting daily/monthly/yearly goals.  So really January is like my goal Superbowl.  

First I went back to this post so that I could do a bit of reflecting on my 2013 goals.  A few things I really did not do well - save money and pay less attention to my phone.   Granted, I still worked really hard to be prepared for expensive vet appointments and car repairs and the little amount I put on my credit card in 2013 is okay with me.   

I did add some non-fiction to my reading diet.  Granted, I only got in two books but I also got a classic or two in there and that's just as good in my mind.   I think that it fostered a new love of non-fiction and that I can regularly try to keep a list of some non-fiction books that I need to read in the future. 

I do feel like I worked on my patience.  I can always be better, but on some level I think I should also realize that was a bit of a silly resolution because at my core, I'm just not patient and I doubt I will really ever be.  

Anyway, lets stop dwelling in the past and move into the future. 

I resolve to...

be a better listener 

(pretty self explanatory)

make stretching a essential part of my workout 

i have been having some real IT band issues.  stretching is now super mandatory anytime i exercise. i need to make the time. it will be worth it. 

pay more attention to what i'm consuming

i'm not going to start recycling or anything but i want to be really choosy about what i am buying, when i am buying, how much i am buying, etc. i also want to be very selective about what i keep that i already have.  i want to simplify things.  i think this will help with stress level and unnecessary shopping and to focus on what i really want -- or something like that.

be me. 

i want to make sure i am even more true to my beliefs and who i am.  and to also embrace any changes in what i believe and who i am.  to stop wishing i was a certain way.  a lot of me is solidified at this point so while part of me wishes i could just fly by the seat of my pants and be a crazy adventurer, take up photography on the side, go on a sky diving trip -- i am not that person.  and that's okay.  that doesn't mean i shouldn't push boundaries every once in a while, but i need to be more realistic about my core personality.  which i really like! 


Ok. Hopefully four isn't too many to get through in 2014! 

What are your resolutions? 

~the single gal~

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