Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Randoms

Hope you are all taking it easy today.  Thought I'd put together an easy little post of pictures and links to quick Sunday reading that I saw this week. 


this post by Liz at Sequins & Stripes on bringing out some color is inspiring. I have been wanting to winterize my white jeans for a long time but I'm not yet brave enough to even attempt it. 

made these bacon wrapped smokies again for 3 Putt and we took them over with a cheese plate for dinner with The Housewife and my brother-in-law

looked at a bunch of pictures on Pinterest of Paris...

Also really loved this post by Erin Gates from Elements of Style on French style. I made some real notes.  I feel like my love of black and white tops with jeans and pumps renewed all over again.  Her blog is great and so is her instagram. Ok I want to be her. 

as a coffee lover I am kind of obsessed with coffee cups. this one and this one really caught my eye this week. 

coffee cup #1 from Etsy

coffee cup #2

Also wondering if I will make it to Sunday yoga today...

~the single gal~

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