Saturday, February 8, 2014

{girls brunch}

Sometime in December as my regular brunch date approached with my friend Elise I thought -- "You know, I should have people over for brunch one day."  So I got a small list together of a few girlfriends {hopefully I can have another one soon and invite a different set of my favorites!}.  I wanted to invite everyone but my house isn't huge and I was doing all the cooking.  Also, budget is tight so I wanted it to be a number that was comfortable and fit those categories.  It worked well and I am happy to report I got to have quality time with everyone there because it was super small!   

I had a great time and made The Housewife come over and take pictures with her fancy camera.  Mainly so she can practice for the wedding stuff early in the day before I meet up with my photographer, amiright

Not magazine worthy but I thought I did a pretty good job. Didn't break the bank and didn't spend my entire week worrying about it or setting up for the big day. And it really was super fun.  Thank you Housewife for being the best photographer sister ever.  

 lemon ricotta bruschetta with honey and basil

//recipe here//

I also made some homemade cinnamon rolls, popped some baby quiches in the oven (house of Target), and made a fruit & cheese plate.  I also had a lot of mimosa supplies.  

I made a chalkboard menu...but my handwriting is not the best.  "A" for effort though.  I mean what is that little dorky try at drawing a champagne glass? I'll wait for you to find it.  

stripey straws courtesy of Homegoods. 

See -- in the real world we don't wear shoes when we host Brunch.  Just socks.  The scarf is prob not the best idea when cooking. Fair warning because that just screams "fire hazard" to me.  

Thanks 3 Putt for sending me a bunch of photos of flowers at Kroger and letting me pick them out virtually while you paid for them and brought them home.  I love that. 

All in all a fun day for the five of us! Maybe I will be braver and try more people the next time.  The dogs were also really well behaved! I was very proud of them especially since so many new people were there for them to be excited about.  

Was this post totally boring? I hope not. We all like pictures right? Enjoy these because I'm going to make 3 Putt take like 3 million of me if we are able to reach the Eiffel Tower while we have our layover in Paris in two weeks.  Prep yourselves now. 

love you. mean it. 
~the single gal~

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