Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Obsessions: Housewife Edition

Not Hadley screaming at 5 am non-stop. Not sure what her problem was this morning. Definitely not the start I had anticipated for Monday morning. Just a few things I've been thinking about this week.

1. Mulberry Press Co iPhone Case
I saw this on Tori Gonzales' instagram account. Check out Mulberry Press Co, this was one of my favorites.


2. Lamb loves Fox Blog
This is just the cutest blog! I love the pictures she takes of her children. She is a photographer who lives in Australia. Inspires me to take more pictures of my own bunch. 

3. Warby Parker Welty Frames
I adore these! I ordered two pairs of frames from Warby, these Welty frames and a pair of Baxter frames. The plum marblewood is gorgeous. They are a bit large but I called their customer service and they had some helpful suggestions. Also loving that they donate a pair for every pair you buy.

4. Top shop Andie Faux Leather Skater Skirt 
I was cruising Nordstrom online and this skirt is kind of catching my eye. Maybe a small obsession with black leather? Maybe.


What are y'all obsessing over? Looks like Atlanta may get another good dose of snow and ice this week. Fantastic. I always want to be stuck at home for several days with 3 children, 3.5 and under. Said no one ever.

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