Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life Updates {single gal edition}

I know what you're thinking -- you just got a life update from me.  But cohabitation adjustments are certainly not everything happening here.  I know I don't go into super detail but y'all know I worked for a small insurance company.  We were also working with a small group to get a start up business going to process claims 3rd party.  Well, the little company that was supposed to sustain us until we got the other stuff going has folded.  As of last Friday I am jobless.  I always knew this was a big risk.  So, it wasn't a total surprise, but I did think I would have more notice.  So that's that. Turns out I am on early vacation.  

The last week went better than expected.  I filed for unemployment for the first time in my life, so that was an experience.  I imagine it will continue to be one.  I'd like to think I have a pretty good professional network built up in the industry so I'm trying not to totally FREAK OUT on 3 Putt on a daily basis.  Turns out its good that he is moving in.  Too bad he has a dead-beat fiance.  I kid. Sort of.  I have been a real gloomy grumpy person but I think that is mostly because of my nasty sinus infection.  So, I anticipate a hard few months, but I think we will be okay.  Monday was a hard day for me.  I am always working.  Have been for many years.  

I think for now the big stressors will be: saving for the wedding, hoping we don't have to have any large/unexpected vet bills, and selling some of my fave jewelry and purses.  That kinda sucks but I have super good credit and I don't mess around with that crap.  And, I know that in time these things will come back to me.  This is temporary. (Hopefully super temporary.)

The good: I am excited to see me and 3 Putt work through this together, praying a lot, got a tax refund to tide me over, and having a bit of time off work since I have been working for years with little vacation.  

Good thoughts are appreciated! Anyone been through this before? I guess the house will just be super sparkly clean all the time now.  Maybe I will get back in shape? 

~the single gal~

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