Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Window Shopping

Is there anything greater than "window shopping" with your Sunday morning coffee? I don't think so.  We had a fabulous little shower here for my baby sister yesterday (cue Single Gal crazily mopping floors at 8 am on Saturday) who is expecting in March so I am seriously taking it easy today.  I have had a long week at work, a long week talking to God, a long week counting gratitudes and blessings, and trying not to worry about some future changes.   So let's slow it down this morning, shall we? 

//pug sweatshirt from H&M//

This pug sweater from H&M! I die! I kind of wanted to beg 3 Putt for it for Valentine's Day but we are paying for our wedding in December and have our trip in two weeks so let's just keep it in the window.  3 Putt if you are reading I am super serious about that last statement, this isnt' a ploy.  I also LOVED this floral version, too! Wish I had for my trip! They are only $19.95. 

GiGi New York extended their sale.  This uber large clutch in dark green -- swoon.  Down from $130 to $65.  It's kind of like they are giving them away.  And you can add a monogram.  What else are you waiting for? Order by Monday. 

//J.Crew Lightweight Merino Tunic Sweater//

I love all tunics, lately. And J. Crew.  Kind of wanting this sweater in 3 different colors.  Love the bright yellow to move into spring. $88. Use code BRINGSPRING for extra 25% off.  

This Lilly Pulitzer Robyn Short Sleeve dress is everything.  Need for summer.  I love that you can throw this on and feel completely put together for dinner, day festival, whatever.  Anything.  And the price point is awesome too -- $98.  

None of these will be in my closet any time soon.  But it was fun to look! 

~the single gal~

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