Monday, February 3, 2014

Playing Catch- Up

Hello lovely readers! Sorry I totally fell off the planet. That snow/ice storm really did a number on my week.  It was basically a scheduling disaster.  It was super amazing that when I realized the roads were gridlocked and icy that I could turn around and go to Emily's house -- but I had to stay for 2 days.  I had no toothbrush, no other clothes, nothing.   It was a real blessing that Emily was able to provide me with almost everything I could possibly want or need -- you know, like a pair of boots to wear instead of heels.  I probably could have made it home sometime on Wednesday but I was scared to drive all the way back to the office from my house and was already very close at my friend's house.  3 Putt was home with the dogs so there was really no reason to take unnecessary risks. 

So, clearly I only made the gym on Monday.  I ate all the bad things.  Drank all the wine due to being stranded.  Had to help move my office Thursday and Friday.  Couldn't get into work until much later in the morning.   Had to get set up to work from home.  I had no recovery time because Friday I turned around and went back to Emily's for our girls weekend that we had already planned.   We had a lot of fun but I have been rushing around since Sunday night trying to play catch-up.  And come to terms with the fact that I cannot eat bread and cheese all day every day sans gym time. Sads. 

Working from home has gone pretty well today! I will be here 2-3 days a week! Crazy! But really nice to be here with the dogs and then be able to leave and go do stuff without feeling all the mom guilt for keeping them cooped up all day.  We had a few kinks that had to be ironed out but I was pretty much full steam ahead around lunchtime.  

I'd like to get back into my grove because hello -- I am leaving for Europe in 15 days.   And I would like to finalize one or two wedding items before we leave.  I'm basically trying to sell my whole closet on Poshmark also.  We will see what happens.  Sometimes clothes are hard to sell.  Any tried and true tips? 

I feel like I wasted some precious blog time watching that lame Super Bowl last night. Sheesh.  No good commercials.  Not a good game.  I ended up reading in bed at half time and turning the volume down.   I promise that I will have my act together this week.  Sorry for the absence of late.  

Happy Monday! 

~the single gal~

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