Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happies from Tuesday but Divulged on Thursday

This was originally going to be Tuesday Happies but I got busy (read: I did not allocate my day property).  So now it's Thursday.  Since I am essentially working for a small start up while we work claims runoff from a dwindling carrier we had to move our office to something much smaller.  And we ain't got nobody to do it for us.  So Tuesday was spent unpacking file boxes and breaking nails.  But really it was super glorious to have a legit excuse not to work a single claim or take any phone calls.  I also find unpacking to be really euphoric in the fact that everything feels super organized when you are done. It is like crack for me.  

We also went to Baldino's since I work off Buford Highway now (when I'm not working from home).  Best subs ever.  And pepperoni rolls.  

I did get off work a little early on Tuesday and felt like going home but couldn't really skip the gym since I legit had time to go.  Oh hey jammie pants that I had to wear grocery shopping because its super hot in the gym so I have to wear shorts there, but super cold outside.  Whatever. I'm engaged. I've let myself go. 

Tuesday I came home in the pouring rain to a surprise from the love of my life.  How cute is it that he surprised me again and got my doughnut.  That one has a sense of humor, no? Anyway, I loved everything about this. 

I also had this random urge to cook after a long day (which really never happens) and also really had a craving for butternut squash.  Super random. Seriously.  I loosely looked on Pinterest and noted that I saw some kale in the fridge and had some quinoa so this recipe was our winner.  With just a little bit of chopping and a few fresh ingredients this Kale, Quinoa, and Butternut Squash dish came to life.  It lists a vinaigrette but we went with a touch of soy sauce and some siracha for me.   SO GOOD. SO EASY.  I'm keeping this recipe. 

What made you happy this week? I want to know!

~the single gal~

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