Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday {guest list drama}

I have to admit I kind of scoffed at myself a little for even doing one of these posts.  And I actually don't expect most people to really care about my wedding.  That is super fair and I guess confirms I'm not as vain as I thought I was (although some may disagree).   Actually, since the wedding is so small and not super traditional there probably won't really be a ton of these.  Unless my mother calls again and makes me insane.  Like she did on Saturday.  So let's have some real fun and see if anyone is talking to me after this post.

This post is all about Guest List Drama.  

I had previously heard from some of my dear friends about Guest List Drama.   I thought it couldn't happen to me.  Guest List Drama is actually one of the things I have heard the most about from my friends that have already walked down the aisle. I can see why people elope.  They are truly the intelligent beings in our society.  They are probably the only ones that will survive nuclear warfare if the world ever ends. 

But seriously y'all -- I guess I just get super worked up because of a few things.  3 Putt and I are essentially paying for this party.  We are not into stress.  More people = more stress.  More people = more money.  (Obviously most of my good readers are following my storyline without that information as I know you to be very intelligent and respectable people.)  The one exception is that my father very kindly offered right away to give me some money towards my dress.  This is super sweet (read: Dad is SUPER excited that I won't be a spinster even if he did have to wait 30 years for me to marry) and a huge relief.  I am very lucky this is even on the table.  I feel very loved.  

Let me tell you what does NOT make me feel very loved: 

When you call me to ask WHY someone isn't going to be invited.  

When you call me just to mention to me and to make sure I know that so-and-so is just SO disappointed that they aren't going to be able to come. 

That you would assume that it was not incredibly difficult for us to not invite some people that maybe we would like to have there. 

If you really want to press all my buttons, you will suddenly say "Oh, well I will pay for that person to come!" 

So, you didn't feel kind enough to offer to pay for anything until I didn't invite someone that YOU would like to see.  To make the day something that YOU want.  Sure.  Thanks.  


Our entire guest list will only include 35 people.  This is pretty much immediate family and some friends that are essentially family.  3 Putt and I are actually included in this number so really only 33 people.   I actually want to challenge you right now to try to make a guest list of 33.  I just cannot believe in my heart that anyone in my family that I know and love would think that I am trying to be mean, that I don't care about them, that I don't love and appreciate them all because I just want to have a very small wedding.  And because this is essentially all the money I am willing to put into this celebration because hey -- I'd rather pay down my mortgage or build up my savings account for the future with my partner.  Because I am thinking about life past one day here.  I am thinking about a marriage. 

I'm trying not to let it get to me.  At the end of the day, I'm a grown ass woman and 3 Putt and I will make the wedding choices that are best for us.  I don't need anyone's permission.  I don't need to justify any of my choices to anyone.   But still it kinda makes me crabby.  

And now I've written the post and everyone will be like this: 

Love you. Mean it. 

~the not-so-single gal~

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