Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter Reading

I'm trying not to be fooled by these few nice days that we have had here in Georgia so I thought I would do a little reading post.  Even though they don't seem to be our most popular.  Just go with it.  I have hunkered down and really devoted myself to some seriously consistent reading the last few years (or maybe this isn't different from any other year of my life from third grade on) and just wanted to share some of my reading list! 

I absolutely adored this book about a quirky professor who essentially has Asperger's Syndrome and is looking for a wife.  It was very funny at times and also heartbreaking at times.  It's only $1.99 on your Kindle.   

This was a bit of a different book for me.  I usually read a bunch of YA Lit and historical fiction mostly but I really enjoyed this novel.  It takes you to a small university where a young guy goes to college to become a baseball star.  Except an accident during a game derails him.  There are 5 main characters that are all affected by this accident -- mostly dudes.  It was a very masculine read for me.  It didn't have a super quick pace but I really enjoyed straying from my normal routine.  


No book list of mine would be complete without some YA Lit.  I eat it up.  The books are usually excellent prices and great reads.  The genre has really come a long way since Twilight  (still a special place in my heart).  I loved this because it was about a girl who was a twin (le duh) who goes off to college and really struggles with the transition, her changing relationship with her sister and family who loses herself writing fan fiction.  I don't know a lot about fan fiction but thought the book was well done.  Plowed through most of it during what I will now refer to as The Great Sinus Infection of February.  Also note Rainbow Rowell's other acclaimed novel Eleanor and Park is only $5.00 for your Kindle right now.  

What are you guys reading while the weather is still gross?  Will winter ever end?  I feel like it won't. 

~the single gal~

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