Thursday, February 13, 2014

snow days

Well the weather here in Atlanta certainly isn't improving. Par for the course this week for me. I am lucky enough to be working from home which is a blessing. I also took the time for some networking and tax completion. No workouts so far and that's going to get me crazy really fast if I don't try something to get my blood flowing tomorrow at all costs.  

Here are some pics of late.  Is everyone weathering the storm? 

Made some awesome chicken tacos on the fly with no recipe. 

Took some snow pictures. 

Sent awkward selfies to Little A to show her my new plaid scarf. 

More selfies. This one from our little sister's baby shower this past weekend. Had a good hair day. Can't ask for more. 

Ate a lot of leftover cupcakes. 

-the single gal-

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