Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Obsessions

I ordered this necklace on Friday. All the Wire is the jewelry company Tori Gonzales, from Courtney Loves Dallas, and her sister started. I am having #1's birthday stamped on one bar and the twins birthday on the second. I can't wait to receive it. 

*offering 25% off for President's Day*
code MERICA at checkout 


// Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor //

I have a fancy Garmin which, I do love, but when I'm in the gym the satellite won't always sync up so I can get the heart rate to record. It keeps reading, "searching for satellite." It annoys me severely. Since my little tax deductions are pulling their weight this month I ordered this. Single Gal wedding count down is on. It's time to work. I've been slobbing around and super grumpy with these snow storms keeping us  Southerners trapped inside for days at a time. I ordered mine off Amazon. 

I've been finding some fun instagram accounts to follow and when hellotosha posted this picture I immediately thought of The Single Gal. Granted, I want one too. These are limited edition so if you like it, better grab one. It's $25.00


We are so looking forward to the warmer weather this week after snow, ice, rain and a small earthquake from last week. That's Georgia for you. I did order the phone cover I blogged about from Mulberry Press Co last week. I'm going to try to stop eating all the things and drinking all the wine, which is no fun honestly. 

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