Saturday, March 29, 2014

Scotland Part II: A Day in Glasgow

I know you are probably over the trip by now but hey -- we need material over here.  We spent a few days with 3 Putt's sister and brother in law at their lovely home and also went into Glasgow for an evening while we were with them.  They were such gracious hosts and they made me lots of cappuccinos and homemade pizza so I will love them forever regardless.  We got rooms at a lovely Hilton, dropped our stuff off and went off for a day of wandering.  This is when I finally broke down and bought a few things at h&m because I don't know about you but the photo tour of the white coat and pink hat had to end.  OK maybe just the coat.  #pinkhatforlife

Basically I'm just going to give you some random snapshots of our day! We took a pic in front of one historical marker but I have no idea what it was there for -- I know, I'm an awful tourist! I just want to eat and drink. Sorry. 

Shopping and wandering...maybe High Street? Something like that? I don't know. 

Sausage rolls (we had to get them every day because 3 Putt 
loves them and misses them) and Irn Bru. Irn Bru 
appears to be the UK version of Mt. Dew. 

Shameless selfie. We are refreshed before dinner with lipstick

Couples shot at The Corinthian.  Highly recommend.  It's hard to get into during the weekend but it's a really nice club with a small casino and a rooftop lounge.  We went on a Monday so hey -- no lines or cover charge.  It was beautiful inside.  So beautiful and cool that you deserve a quick photo from their site since my iPhone camera wasn't cutting it in the dark. 

 The Corinthian 

bar/lounge area

Um yeah. It's amazing and beautiful.  Great Trip Advisor reviews as well online. 

And back to my lovely pics. Ha. 

random street and buildings. 

3 Putt and his "wee sis" 

The monument I can't remember. I should look this stuff up. 

I just wanted to throw in this pic of their Mac store in a super old building.  Mainly because one of the things that usually sticks out to me the most when in Europe is the sheer age of the streets, buildings, etc.  Here we just build a new mall.  

Glasgow was wonderful. It didn't rain on us until we were leaving for dinner so we were granted a lovely afternoon of walking. We ate at a lovely Italian place called Amore. The area of town where a lot of the fun stuff is I believe is called City Center. 

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