Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Mens Gift Guide. Or Just the Housewife's Husband's Gift List.

 Anyone else have the hardest time buying for their spouse/significant other? I do. Turtle returns practically everything he is given, doesn't like giving a list out or can't think of anything he wants. This may not help many of you but I will try to give you some of the Turtle's Christmas Wish List. 

1. Google Chromecast 
I may not be the best person to tell you what this is, exactly, but put it on the list as similar to apple TV but more easily portable? I can't get Amazon to open up and let me read about it (probably a personal computer problem and less Amazon problem.)


Turtle used to complain and complain about the cost of razors all the time and how crummy they were. He joined the Dollar Shave Club earlier this year and loves it. He has the $6 a month blades. You can gift someone a membership. I have no discount code or anything useful except that he loves it and I'm always about a useful gift. 


3. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband
I actually think this is pretty cool and you can get these in pink ladies (pink for you not pink for your guys....or whatever floats your boat.) It tracks your activity/calories burned, your sleep and you can set goals for yourself and you can see how you are doing in meeting those goals. Also wakes you with a silent alarm. I always thought me wearing one of these would be interesting, especially when the twins were 0-5 months old. It would have been super interesting to view how much sleep I was actually getting. Now I just want one because I never sit down very much. This version is $99 but they have a different one that does more for $125. These are similar to the Jawbone Up too.


4. Manzella Men's Vapor Glove in Black/Yellow
For the runner in your life. Turtle picked these out. He said he needs new gloves. Nice gift under $25. 

5. Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch
For the big spender and non-iPhone user. Turtle may upgrade to the Galaxy Phone and really wants this if he does. That whole new smartphone need smartwatch thing? Men. Why are we the complicated ones again? Or they don't understand needing new shoes to go with that new outfit? 

Happy Shopping! Did this help anyone? Anyone have any more decent suggestions?

The Housewife


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  2. Shave Club! Brilliant! I needed one more thing!