Thursday, December 5, 2013

Housewife Photo Dump

how about a housewife photo dump because I cut my left index finger on a rotary blade? Check out some more pictures from our family session and this first one is an instagram I posted and tagged Henri Bendel and they totally re-grammed me! I was dying on Saturday. 2 seconds of minor fame. 

#1 with my Henri Bendel Snow Globes 

my sweet Hadley

all photos c/o Abby Hennington

hope everyone is getting in the spirit this week! #1 is actually taking her December nap right now but of course the twins are being brats and cut their nap short especially for me. we also had our 2nd annual black friday trip to the pediatrician and #1 is recovering from an ear infection and blister in her ear.

be merry
the housewife

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