Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mid Week Round Up

Well, I had been really good on the no shopping thing but Black Friday and Cyber Monday did get me a little.  Dropped $45 online with Old Navy and finally found a decent camel coat thanks to a tweet from The Love List's Jess Graves for Cyber Monday where H&M was having 40% off.  In my dreams I ordered another beautiful coat from JCrew also...but that is not to be. (I mean really! The cost of some of them could get me halfway to Europe.) 

Meet my new frand (well, frand that hasn't shipped yet). Regular price $79.95 with 40% off and I think free shipping.  It was probably the best deal  I would find on a camel coat and I got too scared to wait until after Christmas.  Let's hope it fits.  Sometimes I worry they run a bit small.  Don't let me be broken hearted next week when it arrives, Little Baby Jesus. 

coat found here

I think I made a successful pot roast...I loosely went with this recipe from Martha Stewart on Sunday and had some pretty good results.  Confession, I pretty much used a ton of wine with a little water because I forgot to buy chicken stock and ain't nobody got time to go back to the store after you have already been.  I also skipped the onion and used lots of rosemary.  Do with that what you will. 

I also finally took the time to upload some photos and order them form Shutterfly.  I've been shameful about sending off pics of me and 3 Putt, me and The Housewife, my mom, me and my little sis on her wedding day, etc.  It was time.  Most of my pictures are pretty outdated that I have floating around the house.  

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I did embrace my small Christmas tree on a table idea.  Working on this post.  Maybe I get The Housewife to bring her fancy camera over here. 

Hope you aren't all getting dragged through the mud at work like I am this week.  Le sigh. It always happens after a long holiday weekend.  We are almost there! 

~the single gal~

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