Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Obsessions {the daily page notepad}

True to form I still haven't gone to get my planner for 2014.  But I'm just now unwinding from the holiday fuss and trying to get my house in order. What is it about Christmas day that makes everything explode?  We are lucky the toilets are clean around here and that we are keeping most dishes out of the sink.  I finally made it back to the gym last Friday. 

What does this all mean? We are getting back to our normal programming here on the blog.  And speaking of organizing -- I just ordered what may be the most exciting notepad ever.   While I found this via Pinterest it appears that this awesome girl from the blog Thyme is Honey makes what she calls The Daily Page Notepad.  A sheet that keeps up with your exercise, water consumption, chore list, etc.   I literally did not even hesitate to put in an order.  I cannot wait to get this in the mail! I ordered a 2 pack -- with shipping it was $28.50.  The link provided will send you to her Etsy shop and you can choose different options such as purchasing a download of the form as well -- which I also love.  

//image via Thyme and Honey//

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