Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Obsessions {small Christmas}

In the spirit of  my small wallet and a small Christmas that is filled with lots of love and wine I was actually thinking to get a real tree this year.  It's my first real official Christmas with 3 Putt so I thought it would be a really fun trip for us (maybe even trying to take the dogs, too) and fun to have a night to decorate.  In the spirit of not spending a ton, I thought we could get a baby tree and put it on my downstairs desk or bookshelf.  

I have seen a ton of cute ideas on Pinterest.  




In other Christmas decorating news Target is killing it this year with their Holiday items.  

I do kinda like snow globes this time of year.  A lot of these aren't sold online but just in stores. I think they are $12-$14.99. 

An antler candle holder? What more could The Single Gal want for the price of $14.99?! Actually they have a whole Stag Head collection.  It's like early Christmas. 

Throw Pillow.  Just too cute. 

What are you doing to spruce up the house this holiday season? 

~the single gal~

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