Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lately <photo dump>

I'm real tired of my hair. Trying th middle part. I know you care. 

Thanksgiving pic with 3 Putt. He's so cute. Even if he does only drink imported beer. 

Holding babies. I do like it sometimes! 

More babies. 

Being festive this year. It's so nice! 

Let's take a real dramatic pause for this incredible dessert bar from my Aunt's amazing Christmas party! Apple pie on a stick? I will have them all. 

Also just one of her beautiful trees! 

Sister selfie. Can you guys tell which shirt is my fave lately? 

Now that it's cold black jeggings and camo loafs are in heavy rotation! 

Happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend! Yay! 

-the single gal-

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