Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Five

1. So...I got my H&M camel coat in the mail! It fit -- which was obvs step one. BUT I was really sad it didn't have any pockets. Even though I was impressed with the weight/cut/color, etc of the jacket I mailed it back.  I've been trying to only keep things I love and figured with Christmas coming the money was better spent on something else like a gift. I also feel certain I can still get a coat deal after Christmas. 

2. I'm off to SAV this weekend to visit Little A. I happened to look at the calendar and actually had an open weekend. It will be nice to see some warmer temps and have a break from walking the dogs I think. 

3. I'm still feeling super excited for Christmas.  Kind of a new thing for me. 

4. If you need me anytime soon 3 Putt and I will probably be logging copious amounts of time online combing through flights trying to find a decent cost for our trip.  

5. Happy Weekend lovely readers! Thanks so much for stopping by our little blog! We adore you. 

-the single gal- 

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