Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Obsessions: Cargo Jacket

Good morning, everyone! I promise to get travel posts up super soon but I am finding comfort in routine and grasping for it lately because of the whole no job thing so we are sticking to schedule today.  Sorry for the lack of posts while I was gone but The Housewife was on dog duty and I understand that she had zero time to blog.  So here we are -- Monday.  Obsession time. 

I originally thought I did an okay job of packing but I really kind of sucked at it.  By the middle of my trip I was sick of looking at my winter white coat in all my pictures and a bit sick of wearing it (obviously it was needed as February in Scotland so lots of cold and rain).  Finally made it to Glasgow and ran into H&M for a life saving update to my wardrobe -- the utility coat/cargo jacket.  For the great price of $39.95 you can have one, too.  And it will be a great spring transition item as well. I'm already picturing it with my white jeans...if only I could find them. 

Things I really loved about this jacket: 

- it has a high collar
-it has a gather in the waist at the back
-great structure and color
-you can roll up/cuff the sleeves easily

Looks I love: 

Let's all go forth and user in some spring weather shall we? 

~the single gal~

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