Thursday, March 13, 2014

High and Low

This week has also been full of highs and lows (again).  3 Putt and I are still working on combining assets and feeling out living together.  It has been really nice but definitely have had some biting remarks and a rocky start to a morning here and there.  I guess we still have to get used to each other and I will always vote that we don't keep the plastic Flora-Bama beer pitcher no matter how many good memories were made there doing God knows what.  In other news I sometimes offer what I think may be helpful advice during a task that is taken the wrong way or maybe I say it the wrong way.  So there's that, too. 

As far as a high we got really good news from our wedding restaurant about letting us come in early for a quick ceremony and I have two interviews with great companies that would transition my career scheduled for next week.  I would continue to squeal with joy but I'm scared shitless. Seriously.  I am.  At least I am trying to be brave and get outside of my comfort zone. I hear that's what life is all about.   

Another high --  it's been a super productive week here at the house and I am excited to say that thanks to 3 Putt we threw up a gallery wall downstairs and I think it looks super cute.  But then again it's my house and I love my house.  

On a low note the one time The Housewife got away to blog this week #1 left her room at nap time and destroyed The Housewife's carpet by rubbing a lot of her expensive makeup in it. Super sads.  Let's all thank Housewife for her sacrifice.  She is accepting Sephora gift cards. 

//all the little notes on all the potential jobs//

//crafting with the Housewife the last two weeks. hey curtains.//

//presents to celebrate our cousin's wife to be//

//bathroom stuff i love at Target!//

//gallery wall prep//

//gallery wall (!!!)//

//baby bar area under gallery wall. happies!//

//started "the little friend" by donna tartt//

//pugs don't like selfies. word.//

How is your week? 

~the single gal~

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