Thursday, March 6, 2014

High and Low

Thursday check-in.  Lots of highs and lows lately.  I'm trying to find routine so I can have some middle ground in this whole unemployement thing but is it SO hard.  I have made some rules that are helping.  I try to get up at the same time if not earlier every day, lots of gym time when I need a break, and pretty much don't allow myself to even turn on the TV until 5 at the earliest.  If nothing else I should use this time to get stuff done around the house.  Things need to be organized, budgets need constant review and I can at least do a FEW wedding things (read: research everything till my fingers bleed). So we are here for highs and lows today.  

High: Y'all I FINALLY got a new car (well, super new to me).  I'm still in disbelief. 3 Putt took my little Honda to work with him two days after we were back from vacation and he did not bring her back.  I'm the proud owner of a 2003 Ford Explorer -- a baby with only 119k on her. 

Low: I sold my car.  I didn't expect to feel this sad and devastated about it but my little Honda was 16 years old and with me for 10 years.  TEN! We did so much together.  I know it's dumb and girly but there is a hole in my soul.  I just wasn't prepared to lose her. 

High: I have SO much time to devote to the gym, the dogs, reading, blogging, the house,  and wedding planning lately. 

Low: I'm feeling pretty useless and weirdly at odds with all the spare time I now have. 

High: I have had some calls regarding some jobs. 

Low: No interviews yet. 

High: Spring is around the corner! 

Low: It's still really freaking cold and miserable. 

I'll leave with some motivation: 

//found on Pinterest//

What are you highs and lows for the week? Am I the only one lacking the middle here? 

~the single gal~

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