Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday {dress shopping}

Well folks we pretty much have sorted out all venue-related issues and stresses regarding our ceremony and dinner.  Everything has turned out quite lovely and within budget.  These are all good things.  Now that those things are worked out and I have some extra time on my hands I have been stressing a bit a lot about finding a dress.  I am determined to stick to our budget and I am really looking forward to my big appointment the early part of April with the fam but there are just SO many dresses out there and SO many different options and the weather can be SO iffy in December that I just don't quite know where to go.  Or I didn't until Monday. 

I hope my family doesn't murder me but I did talk to several close friends about their search and I did hear the advice to just go somewhere and look alone.  Try on a few things. See what is working for you.  Since I am not working I made a Monday appointment at Kelly's Closet in Candler Park.   A few things to preface this adventure -- I ultimately only went here because they were having a sample sale.  This small boutique carries a good amount of dresses but they are ultimately what I would consider fairly high end.  That being said definitely look around to see if you can find places that will have sample sales if you love a particular line.  You really can get a great deal on a dress that may just need to be cleaned or only need a small repair.  Typically the samples are bridal size 10 which is usually about a 6/8 dress size for most girls.  So even though I was just looking I wasn't about to put on a dress I could never afford.   

I have to say that all the great reviews I read about Kelly's Closet were true.  I met with Erin and she was completely respectful of my budget but I felt like she showed me just as much love and attentions as a girl hunting a $5k wedding dress.  They are incredibly low key and easy going.  It was a great place to go work out my "wedding dress" jitters.  She also took the time to give me a card with my top 3 dresses listed by designer, style and price -- a lot of places will not do this in order to prevent you from buying your dress somewhere else other than their shop.    I would absolutely recommend the team there for any bride in Atlanta.  

Ultimately I didn't find "the one" but it really was helpful for me to kind of go somewhere and try on different styles of dresses to see what kind of began to give me that "zing" feeling.   I think that if I had more wiggle room I would have found something I loved but because I was limited to samples in a certain price range I did not try on a ton of dresses.  We are going to a place in April that has a larger selection so I am feeling more hopeful and positive about the process.  If nothing else I'm glad that I run a lot so that I am not dealing with the "I need to lose 10 lbs" issue.  A serious pair of Spanx should fix the rest.  

Happy Wednesday, ladies! Any dress shopping advice? I would love to hear it! 

~the single gal~

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