Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Round Up

Hello! Happy Weekend! Just wanted to check in and round out (up?) this week and see what we have going for this last full week in March.  How is it the end of March already? Was it not just time to ring in the new year?! Where is the time going? Seriously. 

Last week was really nice! We marked some items off the wedding list.  I guess that big stuff most people nail down in the first month. It took us about two.  Whoops. We have a signed contract with our wedding/reception venue! It took some back and forth but I appreciate the restaurant we chose working with us for the ceremony.  Made my life so much easier (well, 3 Putt's too because WOW all the arguments) and I feel like we are super on track with our budget.  We also know from Wednesday's post I got the dress jitters out last Monday.  And now since the ceremony/dinner is finalized I can email the photographer this week and finalize our contract with her.  Once I order my dress I think I can relax until June.  

Other stuff...I do want to get up an interview post this week.  Not that I know everything but I do want to recap and link some things I found helpful (yay internet) and awkward.  I closed out the week strong in stress, hope, and perspiration.  And now we have the waiting game! Enter me starting a bonkers home project because I need something to occupy my mind and the best way to do that is keep my hands busy.  Legit taking a trip to Home Depot today. 

This week is about trusting and breathing.  I've done all I can for the job stuff that was on the horizon.  Let's keep our heads down and our eyes on the prize for the last week of March.  

~the single gal~

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