Thursday, March 20, 2014

Catching Up {housewife edition}

I've been sparse, I know. The Single Gal is always asking me to blog. She's doing a great job due to Unemployment 2014. The last time I blogged this happened: 

#1 snuck out of her room and into my closet with my makeup bag. The end result is basically an entire pot of MAC eyeliner ground into the carpet. Carpet cleaner just spreads it out more. It looks like a tiger has been in there. Now I'm blogging from my phone so I can remain "on watch." 

It was truly a trying day. I was at my limits. We had not been having good days and the bad things were outnumbering the good. #1 tends to have some strong-willed traits so I grabbed a book on my kindle to help me figure some things out. It's really been a great read and I've already seen some improvements. While our days still have some bumps, overall they are much more pleasant and I'm in a much better mood. 

Oh! We had 13 pine trees taken out of our backyard. It's much more of a mess than I had anticipated when I booked this project. We had 6 dead ones that had to come down as they kept falling and one broke in half and fell. We had a nice visitor from the city stop by....apparently you need a permit to take down trees. Totally my bad. But some smiles and a basically finished job just earn you a warning. Now I'm faced with having to get landscape quotes to put more money in the backyard. It's all things we were planning on doing anyway, just not so soon. 

The housewife 

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