Monday, March 10, 2014

Send Help. We might be classified as Environmentalists.

It's unbelievable that Single Gal and I ditched our 17 and 16 year old Honda Accords in the same month. It was a sad day for me. I didn't have mine for as long as Single Gal, but she held some great memories and I loved that old car. I should have taken her picture but I didn't. She is now in the trade-in graveyard where no one will admire her like I did. To see all the great qualities she had. Sigh. We are now the new owners of Nissan Leaf. Yep. A freaking electric car. A car with a plug. 


Turtle did a lot of number crunching on this. I use the word "owner" loosely because we leased it. Generally, I would never lease a car. Ever. We just paid my van off. BUT....on top of the Federal credit incentives the state of Georgia give you $2500 back in taxes each year ($5000 for the 2 years). It is such a good deal to drive here that they lobbied and changed the law to extinguish the Georgia state tax credits for this car. You have to purchase by March 31st to still be eligible. Between gas and the continuous repairs we were doing yearly on the Accord and the fact that we wanted a safer vehicle when we did have transport a kid in the second vehicle we felt it was a no-brainer. It's not the most attractive thing you can drive. You can only drive it 125 miles round trip before you need to recharge. (I think. Don't quote me because this is Turtle's deal.) 

Turtle took #1 out of town in the van and left me with this thing. As in, he signed the papers the night before and then left town. It's cool and really weird at the same time. The Single Gal and I survived our across town trip in it. I was worried I would have to ask my Dad if I could plug in my car. It's akin to a really important cell phone. We have free roadside assistance for two years in case it runs out of charge, which is the lifetime we will own the vehicle anyway. Georgia is the number one seller of Leaf vehicles because of the tax credits. I can only thank the local news for doing a story on it to enlighten me. Otherwise, I never would have known. Turtle can plug it in at work and we plug it in the regular garage outlet at night. It's essentially our new science project. The Single Gal and I are referring to it as The Delorian. All in all, I think I wear too much makeup to be classified as a hippie. 

The Housewife

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